Special Programmes

Dress to Impress

(Power Dressing, personality and role based styling)

ABCD of Success

(Appearance, Behaviour, Communication, Dedication)

Art and Science of First Impression

(Elements for creating positive and powerful first impressions)

Image Management

(Enhance your image inside-out)

Campus to Corporate

(Interview Skills, Adapting to Professional Environment, Etiquette, Performance Improvement)

Communication is the Key

(Verbal Communication, Listening, Non Verbal Communication, Body Language, Written Communication)

Corporate / Professional Image Management

(Business Etiquette, Dressing, Makeup and Grooming, Accessorizing, Body Language)

Client Service to Client Experience

(Customer Delight, Client Relationship, Improve Sales and Performance, Get Repeat Customers)

Moving Abroad Easy

(Style, Culture and Etiquette differences)

Image Makeover

(Style, makeup and hairstyle as per body shape, face shape, colour, lifestyle, personality)

Wedding Ready

(Image Management, Lifestyle Development , Styling, Interpersonal Skills, Wedding Outfit Selection)

Super Housemaker / The Gentleman

(Self Analysis, Etiquette, image management, lifestyle enhancement)

**Programs are customized for Corporates, Individuals and Groups (including children), suiting the needs of the client**


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