Individual Solutions

Dress to Impress

Dress well according to your body shape, face, colour, personality, role, lifestyle and choices.


Appearance Management

Style confidently, groom and accessorize to look pleasant and befitting everywhere you go.


Art of Accessorizing

Wear your jewellery, scarf, handbag/briefcase, footwear, belt, tie, pocket square, brooch, etc. in the right yet creative way to look stylish.


Wardrobe Evaluation and Clothes Clustering

Get your current wardrobe evaluated and redesigned and simplify everyday dress selection by clustering clothes.


Makeup Magic

Use makeup correctly and in different ways to look presentable, attractive and appropriate for the occasion.


Makeover Matrix

Get an awesome and complete makeover including Dressing, Hair, Makeup, Appearance, Style, Accessories with a Before and After dramatization pictures.


Accompanied Shopping

Go for shopping and get complete guidance on buying the best clothes, accessories and makeup for you in a decent budget.


Self Confidence and Motivation

Inner image building and self-esteem development are the biggest confidence boosters. Learn to develop self-confidence and get motivated to do better.


Public Speaking and Presentation

Speak confidently in front of people and present yourself in a likeable manner.


Etiquette Echo

Social etiquette, Travel etiquette and General business etiquette for more value and respect.


Effective Communication

Know what to talk, when to talk and how to talk by understanding the people and tuning your pitch, tone and words; learn different styles of communication and talk effectively.


Body Language Ballad

Understand the power of Body Language in Communicating and learn how to use your expressions, gestures and body in ingenious ways.


Emotional Intelligence

See things from different perspectives, understand self and others and be rational while managing your emotions well.


Stress Management

Cope up with everyday stress and handle it in healthy ways to revive yourself and continue stronger.


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